It’s time to get creative and think outside the box

“It is important to consider alternative ways of thinking about things as it often leads to important solutions to real world problems,” says Dr Adrian Harrison, psychologist at KidsFIRST Medical Centre in Khalifa City.

الفرق بين ضعف النطق وتأخر النطق عند الاطفال

هناك أسباب عدة وراء تأخر النطق عند الطفل، منها مشكلة في السمع، أوعندما لا يحاور الأهل الطفل كما يجب، اما اللفظ فتتفاوت المشاكل من عيوب خفيفة إلى حادة.ففي بعض الحالات يصعب فهم كلام الطفل ومن ناحية أخرى يعاني الطفل معاناة شديدة

Video Game Addiction

“What makes gaming as a normal social past time cross over into something akin to addiction would the young person needing more and more of the gaming behavior to keep them going and when it becomes impulsive.” – Razmin Shah

Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

“Claire (Whitehead) – As a rule of thumb, if the child is not talking or has minimal interaction by the age of two years, parents should seek the opinion of a professional.”

Finding Their Place

“Dr Adrian Harrison is a psychologist at kidsFIRST Medical Center in Khalifa City. He says a little bit of staging can go a long way to easing your little one into school life.”

Boys have more opportunities to pursue

Dr Amy Bailey, a clinical psychologist in Dubai, explains that these gender-stereotypical parenting practices arise because people have a desire for their children to fit in and be accepted in society.

‘I live with my mother’s depression, too’

Dr Sonia Singhal, a psychologist at Family First Medical Centre in Dubai, said: “A parent’s depression can have a significant negative impact on a child’s emotional, behavioural, academic and social development.

STEMpathy And The Science of Learning

Javier Arguello, Founder and Executive Director of COGx, talks about the latest buzzword in teaching – STEMpathy. He says schools must teach both science…

Education Matters

James Mullan, Co-Founder of WhichSchoolAdvisor and SchoolsCompared, and Cheryl Pickering, Head of Schools at KidsFirst, are back to talk about special needs in schools.

Family Therapy with Teenagers

Adolescence can be an extremely tumultuous period for children and parents. Often, it can feel like your once loving and affectionate child suddenly wants nothing to do with you.

Understanding and Supporting Literacy Difficulties

The UAE is home to a diverse population of around 202 nationalities, giving it a varied cultural and linguistic landscape. Within this context, educators and psychologists are faced with the challenge of…

The Importance of Play Therapy

Association for Play Therapy has defined play therapy as “the systematic use of a theoretical model to establish an interpersonal process where trained play therapists use the therapeutic powers of play…”

Mindfulness for Children & Adolescents

Arecent government report into children‟s mental health and well-being (2015) showed that 1 in 8 children aged 10-15 report symptoms of mental ill-health.

CBT and Children

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a well-known therapy with a scientific evidence base that supports its use in a wide range of psychological disorders that are evident along the life.

Child Attachment

Working as a behavioural therapist with young families and adoption families, often behaviour and developmental difficulties are related to early attachment experiences.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) continues to be a much-debated construct. An ever increasing body of re-search has divided clinicians into two camps…

Interview: Child Psychology

The UAE Psychologist: “What 3 key words should be considered in a definition of the work of a Child psychology?” Dr. Amy Bailey: “I’d say: Child-centred, evidence-based, systemic practice.”

Nurturing is mightier than the rod

“A child who experiences physical abuse is likely to experience the world as an unsafe place which can cause them anxiety,” said clinical psychologist Amy Bailey, Head of Psychology at kidsFIRST Medical Center in Dubai.

Ignore the bully to take away their power

When asked how the person being bullied should react, Singhal said: “Although it may be difficult not to respond or retaliate, it is always better to ignore cyberbullying. A cyberbully is looking for attention and giving them a response only feeds this need and makes them feel more powerful.

Learn to move. Move to learn

Video (in English with Arabic subtitles) about the importance of physical activity and movement for children from kidsFIRST Founder, Nannette Wicker-Essick, with Omo Arabia.

Dyspraxia a ‘hidden disability’ in the UAE

Nannette Wicker-Essick, occupational therapist and executive director/founder of kidsFirst in Dubai, agrees that children with dyspraxia are misunderstood. “Teachers may feel the child is not meeting their potential in the classroom,”

تأثير اللعب على نمو الطفل

Video (in Arabic with English subtitles) about the importance of play children’s development from kidsFIRST Speech and Language Therapist, Souad Mouawad, with Omo Arabia.

Gadget Time Versus Play Time

Video (in English with Arabic subtitles) on the impact of gadgets on children’s development from kidsFIRST Physiotherapist, Nishad Sayyed, with Omo Arabia.

Unleash Your Little Champion

Video (in English with Arabic subtitles) on the impact of gadgets on children’s development from kidsFIRST clinical psychologist, Dr Amy Bailey, with Omo Arabia.