Light it up Blue


Light it up Blue! Autism Speaks!

Each April 2nd, Autism Speaks celebrates the start of its signature campaign, Light It Up Blue, along with the international autism community in recognition of UN sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day and April, World Autism Month.

kidsFIRST Medical Center joins Autism Speaks and the thousands of homes, buildings and iconic landmarks and communities around the world to “light it up blue” in support of people living with autism. Our friends and staff will be joining the Global Autism Awareness Festival and Walk this upcoming April 15th at Zabeel Park. Find more information here.


All 4 Down Syndrome Dubai Walk

So much more than an extra chromosome! Every 21 March marks World Down Syndrome awareness day, worldwide.
All 4 Down Syndrome, the UAE based voluntary group, has organized an awareness walk at Zabeel Park, this year on Saturday, 25 March.
The walk is organised to celebrate the anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day. This annual event in Dubai brings together thousands of people from all walks of life in a spirit of fun and inclusivity to help build awareness of Down Syndrome. Read more and register here for the upcoming 2017 walk.


Dubai Challengers League

Founded by student Faiz Moosa, Dubai Challengers League is beginning its second year in 2012, as an official division of the Dubai Little League. kidsFIRST coaches both players and buddies for this Dubai special needs baseball division. For Registration and Information, contact Shalini Moosa {dmlbaseball (at)}.


 All 4 Down Syndrome Dubai Walk

On March 17th, 2012, over 500 people took part in the 6th annual walk to raise awareness of Down Syndrome. kidsFIRST joined the walk and provided refreshments for thirsty participants. Read more about All 4 Down Syndrome Walk.


Autism Awareness Day

In 2012, kidsFIRST proudly partnered with other special needs centers and Jumeirah Group’s Burj Al Arab to “light it up blue.”


PeeWee kidsFIRST Cardinals

kidsFIRST is an annual sponsor of the PeeWee kidsFIRST Cardinals little league team.


Parent Support Group

Everyone needs a safe place to share their experiences, ideas, questions, and concerns with someone who’s on the same journey. Special Parents of Extraordinary Kids is a place where parents are understood and can learn from one another.


Have a great community idea or seeking ways to get involved? Contact us.


What the Community is Saying

I have been playing baseball for as long as I can remember. My younger brother Armaan has also been playing baseball for years. About a year ago I realized that my little brother Faraz, who has Down syndrome, was at every single game, cheering me on. Then it occurred to me, if playing baseball is a part of life for me and Armaan, why can’t it be part of Faraz’s life?

The Dubai Challengers League has been up and running for one year, with the goal of involving everyone in our society together and make other people aware of the abilities of special needs children. We have played 13 games, hosted a tournament with Kuwait’s Challegers League, and organized a summer baseball event for “Special Family Support Group” in Dubai.

The Challengers League has created an avenue for Special Needs children to come and enjoy the sport and be integrated with buddy volunteers. Nannette, our occupational therapist from kidsFIRST, has helped us so much in the set up of the League, on the field game play, and teaching buddies how to deal with special needs children. We are very lucky to have assistance from kidsFIRST and with their help, playing baseball is now a part of Faraz’s life.

Faiz Moosa
Dubai Challenger League